Custom or Personalised 

Our Pram Garlands can be used on a pram, highchair or just to play with! Perfect for a unique gift to stand out from the rest or indulge in this modern trend for your own bub. As all of our items you can pick and choose your own colours based on a theme or preference you like or go with a design we have previously done - just let us know!

Plain Single Rings - $40          Personalised Single Rings- $45

Plain Double Rings - $50          Personalised Double Rings- $55


You are probably wondering whether these are safe enough for a baby to use. Yes, they pose a chocking hazard as there is always a possibility, however are made according to the Australian Safety Standards. All our products are Food Grade, BPA Free and are made with A-Grade Silicone. For more information on our products please

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